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dear dope chick™ affirmation cards for the money maker

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becoming a master of your money is one of the dopest things you can do for yourself!

how to use your cards:

place your dope cards on your nightstand + draw from the deck for an early morning positivity session. these can easily fit into your checkbook, your wallet, your pocket, your notebook, your lunchbox or could even function as a bookmark in your current read!

whether you shuffle your deck daily or pass them out to other dope chicks, our encouragement + affirmation cards are sure to shock your mind into thinking dope thoughts, light some fire under your ass + fill you with gratitude. if you believe you can do dope things, then dope things you will do!

dope for:
daily pickings + readings
on-the-go inspiration + motivation

these 2.0" x 3.5" encouragement cards are printed on high quality paper made with sustainable materials. our 16 card deck (15 encouragement cards + 1 instruction card) includes a box for safe keepings. clean language.